Colin Sisco, DPT, OCS

Owner, Physical Therapist

Colin graduated from physical therapy school at the University of Southern California in 2010. He views physical therapy as a craft and profession, not a job. Beyond acquiring more technical skills, listening and examining between the lines has been his greatest secret to having his patients achieve meaningful goals. He most enjoys treating orthopedic conditions and injuries of all body parts where the pain does not have a clear beginning to the patient. Unclear beginnings of pain create frustration and stress for the patient. Colin loves doing the required detective work to figure out the root cause of the issue that is preventing patients from doing what they love most. By finding the root cause, patients are educated to make more informed decisions and reduce the risk of re-injury in the future. Additionally, Colin treats patients with temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ) and vertigo or BPPV. His professional passions and dreams have always been to lead, encourage and motivate staff in a workplace environment that viewed its patients as the most important person in the company. Getting to know what is most important in our patients’ lives is a central focus of Kaizen Physical Therapy. The goal of this company wide attitude and mindset is to tap into the basic human need to feel connected. By achieving this goal patients feel less stressed and more confident again.

Barry Reiss, MSPT

Physical Therapist

Barry graduated from the University of Washington PT School in 2001. He was born in Port Angeles, WA but lived in other states and countries before returning to the Seattle area in the 1980’s. A serious ankle fracture with 4 surgeries and 11 months of physical therapy made him pursue changing careers to become a physical therapist. His physical therapy interests and specialties include amputee gait training, neurological disorders and general musculoskeletal injuries. He enjoys getting to know and connecting with patients in a way that promotes their learning and progress while in physical therapy. He especially likes the gratification that comes from helping his patients heal and move beyond physical limitations. When he’s away from the clinic, Barry enjoys being with family and friends, reading, hiking, bicycling and pursuing his hobby of wildlife photography. He looks forward to packing up his cameras and traveling to places around the world where the people, wildlife and landscapes are totally different from what he typically experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Daniel Ng, DPT

Physical Therapist

Daniel graduated from physical therapy school at Chapman University in 2012. He most enjoys helping people work towards their most important goals whether it be related to sports and or daily activities. He personally enjoys being active playing basketball, tennis, biking, running and rock climbing. The thing that makes him most excited about being a physical therapist is hearing patients thank him for helping to restore confidence in their favorite sports or activities.

Gary Hansen, PT

Physical Therapist

Gary graduated from physical therapy school at the University of Washington in 1984. He most enjoys working with athletes of all levels. He once heard an orthopedic surgeon say he thought of all his patients as athletes. As a former athlete, this is very meaningful to him. Gary’s work with patients is based off the principle that every patient (high level athlete or retired individual) deserves relief from pain and should get back to a level of function that allows enjoyment out of life again. As an aging athlete, Gary now enjoys cycling in a spin class at the gym or on his road bike training for and riding in the STP or RSVP. He also enjoys snow skiing, hiking, sailing (as a member of the crew) and being with his dogs. He would classify himself as somewhat of a dog crazy person. His animals are an important part of his life. And most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife, Sue. Going to plays, skiing, hiking, taking in a Seattle Storm game or traveling to Australia to see her family are things they most enjoy together

“Our purpose and mission are to educate, guide and encourage patients through a plan to get out of pain and move onto what is most important in their life.”

- Colin Sisco, Founder

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